High-Performance Manufacturing for the Oil and Gas industry

Innovation is essential in the oil and gas industry. One way to achieve this is by accelerating R&D for advanced solutions. Another way is to manufacture high-strength parts efficiently. MakerVerse helps you achieve these goals – and more – with cutting-edge manufacturing services.

Innovation is essential in the oil and gas industry.

Flexible Manufacturing

Realize rapid manufacturing and overcome supplier shortages with fast quoting and short lead times through MakerVerse's global supply chain

High-Performance Parts

Make use of design freedom to get a competitive edge by producing innovative, high-performance parts

Optimized Maintenance

Improve spare parts availability by storing parts digitally on the secure MakerVerse platform and printing them on-demand with our certified supplier network

Customized Maintenance

Transform maintenance into a faster, more efficient process with on-demand manufacturing.

Companies can quickly create components used to repair essential machinery. These newly-printed parts can offer higher performance depending on the design.

Components can be highly-customized, with various materials and post-processing options on the MakerVerse platform.

Transform maintenance into a faster, more efficient process with on-demand manufacturing.

High-Performance Parts

Improve part performance and lead times.

Companies can quickly build long-lasting parts in a short amount of time.

Designs made for on-demand manufacturing and other technologies can simplify assembly with fewer required components needed.

MakerVerse shortens development times. Jigs and fixtures that took weeks can now be completed in days.

Applications for the Oil and Gas Industry

  • Creation of optimized high-performance parts, such as high-strength engine blades
  • Rapid production of prototypes to validate design geometries and conduct functional tests faste
  • Efficient manufacturing of customized jigs and tools in small batches to support floor manufacturing
  • Small on-demand production runs for repairs and replacements of high-value parts
additive printer perspective in action
Many parts we need are out of production and would be hard to find. MakerVerse makes it easy to manufacture precisely the parts needed.
Operations Lead at an Independent Service Provider

Simple Steps to Your Industrial Parts


Get a Quote

  • Get a quote in three easy steps
  • Design for manufacturability checks in real-time
  • Instant pricing for manufacturing on demand


Production Begins

  • Streamlined process with single counterpart
  • Functional parts & post-processing through one hand
  • Vetted network of expert suppliers


On-Time Delivery

  • Parts received according to all your specifications
  • Quality inspection reports included as needed