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Sheet metal fabrication is a manufacturing technology that creates precise metal components using various processes, such as cutting and bending.

Through MakerVerse, this method is cost-effective, fast, and can quickly produce large volumes.

Sheet metal fabrication bending

How Sheet Metal Fabrication Works

A variety of tools and processes are used to fabricate sheet metal. Through MakerVerse, skilled operators operate these tools to create industrial-quality parts.

The first step is cutting the metal sheet to the specified size with tools such as laser cutters or CNC plasma cutters. Once the size is right, the sheet is formed and bent into the desired shape using tools like press brakes or rollers.

Finally, holes and other post-processing features are added as needed.

Sheet metal fabrication part

Sheet Metal Fabrication Use Cases

The automotive and aerospace industries rely on sheet metal fabrication for both internal and external parts. Other industries, such as energy, electricity, and industrial machinery, also use sheet metal fabrication for many applications.

Sheet Metal Fabrication by the Numbers

Max Build Size
4000 x 2000 x 25 mm (standard size)

Lead Times

Starting at 6 days

Minimum Wall Thickness
0.5 mm (depending on material and geometry)
Dimensional Accuracy

0.2 mm (ISO 9013-1)

Key Features

Oversized Parts

Looking for bigger parts? You’re in the right place.

While the standard size for sheet metal fabricated parts is typically 4000 mm in the longest dimension, we offer state-of-the-art sheet metal fabrication tools capable of up to 12 meters. With these capabilities, you can explore all-new applications in production.

Learn how to go far beyond the standard sizes typically available

Full Range of Cutting Methods

Get access to all the cutting methods you need for your parts. On the MakerVerse platform, we’ll provide you with the best-fitting technology.

  • Laser cutting
  • Waterjet cutting
  • Plasma cutting
  • Wire electrical discharge machining

Source Industrial-Grade Sheet Metal Parts

MakerVerse gives you the flexibility to source parts however you need. Get instant quotes and quickly order parts with on-demand manufacturing. Our team of experts will work with you for large or complex orders to develop, align, and supervise a manufacturing quality plan from start to finish.

On-demand manufacturing

  • Instant quoting and DFM checks
  • Short lead times
  • Fast and intuitive order placement

Production Orders

  • Expert support from end-to-end
  • Comprehensive manufacturing and quality plan
  • Guaranteed quality meeting advanced specifications

Popular Finishes


The sheet metal is bent into desired shapes using specialized equipment, such as press brakes. This process allows for creating various angles, curves, and forms, enabling the fabrication of complex metal components.


A brushing technique creates a textured or satin-like finish on the surface of the sheet metal. This process involves the application of abrasive material, typically in a linear motion, resulting in a consistent and visually-appealing appearance.


The sheet metal is coated with a protective layer of zinc through a process called galvanization. This coating provides excellent corrosion resistance, making the metal suitable for outdoor or harsh environments.


Additional color is applied to the printed part, often by a professional spray painting system. The part is correctly prepared through accurate cleaning and a clearcoat to get the desired output.
metal materials for CNC machining


A thin layer of a different metal, such as nickel, chrome, or zinc, is electrochemically deposited onto the surface. This plating process enhances the metal's appearance, corrosion resistance, and durability. It also enables customization by offering various plated finishes.

Popular Sheet Metal Materials

The MakerVerse platform offers the complete range of metals. Here are some of the most popular ones.

Have a custom material request?

We are constantly expanding and you can request specific materials going beyond our current standardized offering. Simply provide us your desired specifications during the ordering process.

You can also reach out to us with your specific material requests at any time under

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