Custom Manufacturing for Aerospace Companies

Precision is everything in the aerospace industry. Complete complex technical projects through a trusted global supply chain.  Access 9100-certified producers and finish your project without delays.

Trusted by: 

Assembly Team at WARR

High-Performance Parts

Get aerospace parts with short lead times that achieve tough tolerances

Vast Manufacturing Options

Choose from CNC machining, 3D printing, and more with the full range of materials

In-depth Reports

Get all the quality reports, inspections, and certificates your project needs

Full Range of Materials and Technologies

Aerospace applications are vast and complex, so we offer a full range of manufacturing methods. Choose from metal additive manufacturing, CNC machining, rapid casting, and more. Lead times start at just six days.  

Popular materials include: 

  • Inconel 718 
  • Copper Chrome Zirconium (CuCrZr) 
  • Scalmalloy 
  • Stainless Steel 316L 
  • AL7075 (grades T651/T6) and AL6061 (grades T651, T6) 
  • AMS Steel 

Finishes for Every Application

Beyond all the manufacturing methods and materials, MakerVerse offers various finishes for your project needs. 
Popular finishes include: 

  • Chrome plating and chrome coating 
  • Electroplating and electropolishing 
  • Surtec 650 or Surtec treatment 
  • Annealing/heat treatment 

Dedicated Support

In aerospace innovation, we know that timeliness and achieving complex technical requirements are critical.  
That’s why we have a dedicated manager for all aerospace projects who rigorously oversees certification issuances and provides production progress updates. You’ll always be kept in the loop with specific information about your project’s status.

Complete Quality Inspections and Certificates

With the best-fitting quality inspection options, you can guarantee the quality of your parts. For certificates, choose the options you need for your project.    

Popular options include:  

  • First Article Inspections (FAIs) 
  • NDT (Non-Destructive Testing)
  • Dimensional Measurement Reports (DMRs) 
  • Certificate of Conformity (COC) 
  • Certificate of Origin (COO) 
  • Material Certificates (3.1 or 2.2) 

Aerospace Applications We Helped With

  • Creation of light, high-performance parts 
  • Small-batch production  
  • Simplifying assembly with re-designed parts 
  • Rapid production of prototypes to validate designs  
MakerVerse is one of the few suppliers that can follow the fast pace imposed by the new space industry in terms of quality and lead time.
Florian Gallean

Mechanical Engineering Project Manager at Aerospace Lab

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we have achieved tolerances of +/- 0.0025 mm. We will inform you of what’s possible for your project, as tolerances depend on your part’s material, geometry, and dimensions.

Yes, in addition to our fast lead times (beginning from 6 business days for CNC projects), we can offer material certificates, finish certificates, first article inspections, dimensional measurement reports, CMM scans, 3D scans, certificates of conformity, certificates of origin, non-destructive testing, and much more with a qualified European and global supply chain.


Yes. We are ISO9001 certified for quality and have a large network of AS9100 manufacturers to produce flight-ready components across three continents.

Simple Steps to Your Industrial Parts


Get a Quote

  • Get a quote in three easy steps
  • Design for manufacturability checks in real-time
  • Instant pricing for manufacturing on demand


Production Begins

  • Streamlined process with single counterpart
  • Functional parts & post-processing through one hand
  • Vetted network of expert suppliers


On-Time Delivery

  • Parts received according to all your specifications
  • Quality inspection reports included as needed