MakerVerse and ZEISS Collaborate to Realize Industrial-grade Quality

MakerVerse – the one-stop-shop platform for advanced on-demand manufacturing services – collaborates with ZEISS to deliver industrial-grade quality via the MakerVerse platform.

  • MakerVerse and ZEISS accelerate the adoption of additive manufacturing technologies through a multi-tier quality assurance process that meets the entire spectrum of requirements from prototyping towards end use parts

  • MakerVerse customers benefit from end-to-end industrial grade quality solutions building on MakerVerse’s premium additive manufacturing supply chains and ZEISS´ state-of-the-art metrology solutions, leading expertise in metrology and ZEISS Quality Excellence Centers as a global partner for cutting-edge support.

July 4, 2022, Berlin – Today, ZEISS and MakerVerse announced their commitment to a collaboration that assures the delivery of industrial grade quality components to customers of the MakerVerse ondemand manufacturing platform. With this joint approach, MakerVerse builds on ZEISS’ expertise as world leader in industrial quality solutions and enabler of powder to high performance applications to execute its “one-stop shop at industrial-grade quality” strategy.

MakerVerse quality roadmap is guided by three distinct value propositions

MakerVerse’s ambition is to be a key driver for the adoption of industrial grade quality additive manufacturing parts by building on three core quality levers.

  1. Built-in Quality: MakerVerse fully commits to its audited, premium, EU-only supply chains, material data sheets and delivery specifications to adhere to its strict quality standards. Also, the platform builds on 100+ years of expertise in additive manufacturing by its application engineering team.

  2. Assured Quality: By collaborating with ZEISS, MakerVerse expands its quality assurance capabilities among others via dimensional, surface quality and internal defect and structural inspection.

  3. Controlled Quality: The ZEISS collaboration further allows MakerVerse to conduct process quality control services for end use parts via production-parallel assessment of proprietary test specimens

Dr. Markus Seibold, CEO of MakerVerse states “We are proud to join forces with ZEISS to deliver industrial grade quality parts to our customers. Leveraging the ZEISS leading metrology solutions to quantify and manage (process) quality is a huge step to establish a new benchmark for quality in distributed additive manufacturing supply chains.”

Dr. Claus Hermannstaedter, Head of Additive Manufacturing Technology at ZEISS Industrial Quality and Research, adds “we are excited to contribute to making the full breadth and depth of offering available to MakerVerse‘s customers. This collaboration will help drive innovation in consumer and industrial products and processes and will further accelerate accessibility of high-quality additive manufacturing for a broad range of users with an increasing number of applications.”