2024 AI in European Manufacturing Report: European Manufacturers

  • Nearly half of European manufacturers (43%) say AI isn’t integrated at all into their processes 
  • However, most (58%) say adopting AI is important for optimizing manufacturing 
  • Most manufacturers (79%) anticipate a great impact on efficiency within the next five years 
  • 60% say a lack of expertise is the biggest challenge in adopting AI 

Berlin —May 7, 2024— MakerVerse.com, the platform for on-demand manufacturing, released a new survey revealing a significant gap between AI’s potential and its current utilization in European manufacturing operations.  

The 2024 AI in European Manufacturing Report sheds light on the current adoption rates, benefits, and future expectations of artificial intelligence (AI) in manufacturing. The report reveals that most European manufacturers have high hopes for AI, but fail to implement the technology. 

The survey of more than 50 European manufacturing professionals shows that a mere 5% of European manufacturers have “extensively” integrated AI technologies into their manufacturing processes, with 43% not using AI at all. However, this also presents a promising opportunity for the industry to harness the power of AI. 

“While the interest and strategic importance of AI remains high, the actual implementation is lagging, highlighting a significant opportunity for growth and innovation in manufacturing,” says Dr. Markus Seibold, CEO of MakerVerse.  

The survey further explores the reasons behind this slow adoption, with many manufacturers pointing to challenges such as a lack of expertise and high initial investment costs. 

Looking ahead, European manufacturers are optimistic about the role of AI in enhancing operational efficiency. 79% of respondents anticipate AI will greatly help improve efficiency within the next five years. 







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