Choose the Right MJF 3D Printing Material

Discover which popular materials are best for your Multi Jet Fusion project.

Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) is a pivotal 3D printing technology for various applications, from initial prototyping to full-scale production.

While the manufacturing process is popular for its precision and efficiency, the different materials offer additional flexibility.

This guide will explore the characteristics, cost implications, and primary applications of the preferred materials utilized in MJF 3D printing.

PA 11 

Key Features

With an elongation at break reaching 40%, depending on build orientation, PA 11 offers significant mechanical resilience. Derived from renewable resources, its biocompatibility certifies it is safe for direct skin contact.


PA 11 is well-suited for parts requiring high ductility under mechanical stress. Typical applications include functional prototypes and lower limb prosthetics.

PA 12

Key Features

PA 12 proves efficient in the MJF process, balancing cost-effectiveness and powder reusability. The material yields parts with solid mechanical properties and chemical resistance, particularly against oils and greases.


Commonly employed in the production of functional prototypes, PA 12 is also a preferred material for prosthetics and orthotics.

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Key Features

TPU in the MJF process facilitates the creation of flexible, elastomeric parts, providing high elasticity and excellent shock absorption. This combination yields significant design flexibility.


TPU has applications in manufacturing robotic grippers, elastic covers, and folding bellows. It is also utilized for energy-absorbing components in safety equipment such as helmets.

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