How CNC Machining Propels the Aerospace

See how and why aerospace companies rely on CNC machining to reach all-new heights.

Flying hundreds of passengers or sending spacecraft into orbit hinges on utmost precision and reliability.

Doing this safely is priority number 1. Doing this efficiently is also critical. At the intersection of aerospace design and manufacturing, CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining facilitates the creation of components that meet these astronomical standards.

CNC Machining and Demand for Precision in Aerospace

CNC-machined aluminum connectors attached to carbon fiber for a rocket. MakerVerse made this part for WARR.

Precision is non-negotiable in the aerospace sector.

Components used in aircraft and spacecraft need to meet the highest standards due to the immense risks associated with flight. A minute defect in a crucial part can lead to severe malfunctions or even catastrophic failures.

Given these stringent demands, the industry continuously seeks methods that ensure every component is perfect, down to the microscopic level.

CNC machining makes that possible.

  • Accuracy & Consistency: With their computer-aided precision, CNC machines can reproduce components with incredibly tight tolerances. This is a necessity for aerospace applications where every micron counts. Consistency is essential, ensuring that the thousandth component is as perfect as the first.
  • Material Versatility: Aerospace components often demand materials like titanium or aerospace-grade aluminum alloys that offer strength without excessive weight. CNC machining seamlessly handles these materials, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Complex Geometries: Aerospace designs often push the boundaries of what’s possible. CNC machining rises to the challenge with intricate parts that some other manufacturing methods would find impossible or prohibitively expensive to produce.
  • Scalability: Whether prototyping a new design or launching mass production for a commercial airliner, CNC machining easily scales to meet the demands of low- and high-volume projects.

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Real-World Aerospace CNC Machining Applications

  • Engine Components: Engines require parts that can withstand intense heat and pressure, especially during a rocket launch. Using heat-resistant alloys, CNC machining creates components to exacting specifications, ensuring efficient and safe engine operations.
  • Landing Gear: As the primary contact point with the ground, landing gear must be robust and precise. CNC machining ensures these parts can endure landing stresses while maintaining weight efficiency.
  • Instrument Panels & Structural Components: The instrument panels in a pilot’s cockpit or the control dashboard of a spacecraft relay crucial information. The need for precision is paramount. Spacecraft structural components, including hull segments and payload bays, are meticulously crafted using CNC techniques to ensure maximum durability.
  • Satellite Components: Satellites contain numerous CNC-machined parts. From their communication arrays to the structural frames, CNC machining provides the reliability these devices need to function years on end in the harsh space environment.
  • Rocket Nozzles and Thrusters: These parts are subjected to intense heat and pressure during a launch or maneuvering in space. CNC machining’s ability to work with refractory metals and produce exact geometries ensures the efficiency and reliability of propulsion systems.

Use Case: CNC Machining a Rocket to 13 KM 

MakerVerse has extensive experience working with rocketry organizations, including the Scientific Workgroup for Rocketry and Spaceflight (WARR) at the Technical University of Munich.

As they planned to launch their cryogenic rocket in the United States, the team needed some critical parts that could connect different carbon fiber sections of their 135 kg rocket. They turned to MakerVerse’s CNC machining services to create aluminum connectors that could withstand extreme loads and temperatures.

CNC machining provided the perfect blend of precision and mechanical properties to launch their rocket successfully.

Read the full MakerVerse and WARR use case.

The CNC-machined aluminum connector is attached to carbon fiber.

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