3 Insights in Roland Berger’s Manufacturing Report

The consultancy firm reveals why on-demand manufacturing platforms are big business.

The manufacturing industry is witnessing a monumental shift – and we’re excited to be part of it.

The latest report on on-demand manufacturing platforms from Roland Berger, a European consultancy, reveals how these revolutionary systems reshape the production landscape.

Let’s dive into the top three takeaways from this report, offering a glimpse into the future of manufacturing.

We also encourage you to download the full report for all the insights.

Insight 1: Efficiency and Technology Unite to Benefit Customers

A central advantage offered by on-demand manufacturing platforms is their remarkable efficiency. This efficiency stems from their sophisticated technology and extensive network of manufacturers. These platforms serve as a vital bridge between customers and manufacturers, ensuring a seamless customer journey from start to finish.

At the heart of this journey is an intuitive online platform that guides customers through every step – from uploading design files and selecting specifications to receiving expert advice and instant quotes.

Behind the scenes, platforms like MakerVerse utilize advanced artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. These AI systems analyze the geometric features of the requested part and compare them against specific design rules, ensuring the part is producible and generating instant quotes.

This technology-driven approach by on-demand manufacturing platforms streamlines the manufacturing process and revolutionizes customer interaction, making it a cornerstone of modern manufacturing solutions.

Insight 2: A High-quality Supply Chain is Necessary

Success in on-demand manufacturing hinges on three critical elements: the platform’s size, technological capabilities, and the quality of its manufacturing network.

Platforms must ensure a broad technological offering and strong regional coverage to cater to a diverse customer base with varying requirements. This ensures high service availability and the ability to meet diverse customer needs.

Crucial to these networks is the ability of platforms to produce high-quality parts cost-effectively. Certifications like ISO 9001, which MakerVerse possesses, are essential quality standards.

Insight 3: From Prototypes to Production

Customers are increasingly seeking more complex parts in larger lot sizes. This fundamental change makes the most of the technological capabilities of on-demand platforms and their supply chain management strategies.

This trend underscores a critical aspect of modern manufacturing – the need for platforms to be agile and robust enough to adapt to changing market dynamics. The ability to navigate this rising tide of complexity and volume will be a crucial differentiator for on-demand manufacturing platforms.

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