DeepDrive Creates High-performance EV Drive Units

Every millimeter matters to DeepDrive, as absolute precision is required for parts that undergo heavy stress. Every day is critical since the company plans to deliver this technology to the world’s leading automakers.

MakerVerse helps achieve these exact requirements. 




Munich, Germany

Company size

60+ Employees

Use case

Functional and visual prototypes, tooling

Technology used

CNC machining

Material used


Parts produced

High-performance components for electric vehicle drive units


Reduced lead times and reliable quality for parts with advanced specifications

DeepDrive builds drive units aimed at revolutionizing electric vehicles.

At the heart of DeepDrive is their patented Dual Rotor technology, which is the foundation of both portfolio products: DeepDrive’s In-wheel Drive and Central Drive. The ultra-efficient drive units increase vehicle range by up to 20% and dramatically decrease costs by requiring 50% fewer materials. These breakthroughs have attracted investment from BMW i Ventures, Continental’s Corporate Venture Unit, and other high-profile supporters.

DeepDrive works with MakerVerse to turn innovative designs into perfect parts. MakerVerse provides everything from fully functional components to tooling with the short lead times that DeepDrive needs.

Deepdrive part

MakerVerse is a great partner for us on our journey towards revolutionizing automotive technology. Their focus on innovation and precision is a perfect fit.

Stefan Ender

Co-founder and managing director at DeepDrive

The Challenges imageThe Challenge: Perfect Parts, Fast

For DeepDrive’s in-wheel motor, the electric vehicle’s wheels are mounted to the drive, meaning that the drive’s rotor gets all the stress from the tires. This heavy load can cause elastic deformation – unless the parts are flawlessly made with extreme tolerances.  
DeepDrive’s sophisticated requirements meant finding the right production partner wasn’t easy. Reaching out to regional suppliers for procurement proved to be very cumbersome. When a potential good match was found, it could take days to receive a quote. 

For a fast-paced company like DeepDrive, cutting down these delays was essential. At the same time, they needed a detail-minded partner who could guarantee that all the advanced specifications could be followed.

The Solutions iconThe Solutions: Innovating with MakerVerse

DeepDrive needs its parts quickly so they can continuously design and iterate. MakerVerse was up to the challenge.  
global supply chain consists of only hand-picked suppliers who have undergone a rigorous selection and onboarding process. That supply chain and extensive in-house expertise ensured that DeepDrive quickly received the parts they needed.  
DeepDrive initially worked with MakerVerse on simpler components, such as tooling, but soon expanded to complex parts. Whether it was a straightforward part or a complex component, DeepDrive was always kept up to date. 

“Communication was straightforward and efficient, which helped all our projects,” said Franz Beck, procurement associate at DeepDrive. “There’s also a personal touch that sets MakerVerse apart.” 

The Result iconThe Results: The Future of Automotive

DeepDrive aims to bring its first drive units to large-scale series production by 2026. To make that happen, the company continuously innovates and validates designs. The company also partnered strategically with Continental to jointly develop a Drive Break Unit, a wheel drive with built-in brakes.   
Speed is essential, but so is dependable quality. That’s why DeepDrive works with MakerVerse. The organization is building all-new central drive units, and MakerVerse will be helping. 
“MakerVerse has consistently delivered quality and speed,” said Beck. “They’ve helped greatly accelerate our design and production processes.” 

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