Siemens and MakerVerse Platform-to-Platform Integration


MakerVerse accomplished platform-to-platform integration with the first delivered parts for Siemens. Siemens and MakerVerse believe platform-to-platform connectivity will expand the availability of the AM Network users within Siemens and beyond.




Munich, Germany

Company size

300,000+ Employees

Use case

End-use parts, prototyping

Technology used


Material used


Parts produced

Electric motor closure head and other parts


Leveraging broad fulfillment capabilities for a range of technologies and materials

Siemens Digital Industries utilizes in its network of plants and labs their own commercial AM Network for 3D-printed manufacturing aids and factory equipment. This is a powerful online order-to-delivery enterprise platform to manage a distributed manufacturing network with currently over 140 connected suppliers. MakerVerse provides a one-stop shop platform for on-demand parts at industrial-grade quality.

Both platforms aim to significantly streamline the upstream and downstream process of fulfilling internal demands for AM parts and thus accelerating the adoption of AM in the industry.


Recently, the two companies connected MakerVerse to the AM Network. This gives AM Network users the ability to leverage MakerVerse’s broad fulfillment capabilities and gives MakerVerse users the ability to use the AM Network as an enterprise solution for their multiple sites.

The case showcases how industrial users are going to fulfill demands in an Industry 4.0 context – with ease to use and virtually connected supply chains powered by platforms such as AM Network and MakerVerse.

Dr. Karsten Heuser

VP Additive Manufacturing at Siemens

The Solutions iconThe Solutions: Innovative Manufacturing

Successful initial pilot projects have proven the value of the collaboration. In one reference case, the Bad Neustadt plant of Siemens Motion Control requested a prototyping part for an electric motor closure head for a SIMOTICS S motor via their Siemens AM Network account.

The plant produces over 500,000 motors a year with over 35,000 variants – calling for AM as a mean for mass customization. After AM Network’s initial order processing, the requested part was sub-contracted to the MakerVerse platform. From here the customer, Siemens Motion Control, received an instantly quoted price and delivery time.

After approval of the quote via the AM Network interface, the order was subsequently fulfilled through MakerVerse within less than a week. Upon receipt at Siemens Motion Control, the part underwent some final processing and was successfully integrated into one of the latest engine prototypes.

Other Use Cases

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