How to Specify Your Parts

Use the MakerVerse platform to have your parts manufactured according to your exact requirements.

When you create your quote on the MakerVerse platform, you have several options for specifying your part. A 3D file in one of the many accepted formats is mandatory, as it is the primary source for information regarding part design and dimensions.

Beyond that, we require some fundamental in-tool specifications regarding technology, material, finish, and threads. Additional specifications beyond these can be provided in the comment field or as part of a technical drawing.

Here is a summary of the four ways to specify your part. This table also explains for which type of specification these channels are used.

If there are any infeasibilities or contradictions in your part specifications, we might put the order on hold and reach out to you for further clarification.

It’s MakerVerse’s policy to clarify requirements to prevent manufacturing something that does not meet customer satisfaction.

For this reason, we have listed a couple of frequently encountered issues below:

  • You require feature-specific dimensional tolerances but didn’t provide a technical drawing
  • There is a discrepancy between feature dimensions in the CAD and the technical drawing
  • The provided technical drawing misses critical dimensional specifications
  • You require very tight dimensional tolerances or surface requirements that can only be achieved with additional postprocessing but didn’t specify

In practice, these clarification discussions with our additive experts improve specifications and additive design. Please note that adapted specifications or designs might lead to changes in the delivery date or the price.

Please reach out for any questions regarding your quote or request.