5 Ways We Ensure the Quality of Your Parts

Even a perfect design needs an end-to-end quality control process. Here’s how MakeVerse does that for you.

Have you gone through this before? You or your team painstakingly design the perfect part for CNC machining, additive manufacturing, or other manufacturing technology. You know exactly what materials, post-processing options, and detailed specifications the part needs.

So far, so good. You clarify all this with your manufacturing partner, feeling confident you’ll get the part precisely as needed.

But then, after waiting patiently, the delivered part ends up disappointing. The print may have been of lower quality than expected, or the manufacturer may not have followed your specifications. Regardless of the reason, the result is unacceptable for an industrial part.

We want to ensure it never happens to you. Here’s how we ensure the industrial-grade quality of your part at MakerVerse.

1. We Have Your Back with Decades of Experience

There’s no replacement for manufacturing experience. The team at MakerVerse has combined decades of engineering and operational expertise in manufacturing. That experience stretches across many fields, such as research, OEM, supply chain management, and specific industries, such as automotive. Collectively, the team has worked with MakerVerse’s supply chain partners to create tens of thousands of parts throughout their careers. 

This experience applies to any industrial part you order on the MakerVerse platform. Our experts are available to discuss the relevant material and technology combinations for your part. The team also conducts in-person quality control examinations of every single part. Our team has closely examined your part to ensure it meets your expectations before it is in your hands.

2. Say Goodbye to Inconsistent Quality

When you order a part, you want the manufacturers to know exactly what they’re doing. Not only do they need the right equipment and know-how, but they need to be able to follow exact specifications to the finest details.

To ensure that’s always the case, we work with industry-leading manufacturers experienced with cutting-edge manufacturing technologies. Most of these manufacturers have worked in AM for 10-plus years, and all our experts have worked closely with them in the past. Every manufacturing partner is ISO 9001 certified. Many are additionally certified in specialized fields (IATF 16949, AS 9100, ISO 13486, ISO 27001).

3. We Know You Have High Standards. We Do Too

In addition to the certifications we require from all our manufacturing partners, we ensure that each partner follows our stringent standards for every part of the manufacturing process.

  • All partners must follow our delivery specifications, which cover aesthetics, technical, quality control/inspections, and shipping requirements.
  • We also ensure compliance with our technical data sheets, ensuring material properties and part tolerances before and after post-processing.
  • Finally, all partners follow our quality standards, allowing us to perform onsite audits and request quality inspections as needed.

4. Overcome Broken Supply Chains

The past years have shown just how fragile supply chains can be. This unpredictability led to increased complexity and unexpected delays that supply chains still suffer from. Now is the time for companies to build resilient supply chains that can withstand disruptions. We’re happy to help you make that happen.

All manufacturing is done in Europe to ensure reliability and short lead times. We help you reduce supply chain complexity by conducting manufacturing close to home. Another benefit of all our manufacturers being nearby is that our engineering team has conducted onsite assessments to ensure that each manufacturer is as dedicated to quality as we are.

5. Know How Good Your Industrial Part Is

Knowing that the part will perform exactly as expected is critical in an industrial setting. To give you deep insights into your printed part, we partnered with Zeiss, the world’s leading technology enterprise for industrial quality. We integrated Zeiss’ network of quality excellence centers into our manufacturing network to provide in-depth dimensional, surface, and material property-related inspection reports. Choose the option that’s best for your project.

Manufacturing Quality

At MakerVerse, we understand that one of the significant manufacturing challenges is consistently reproducing product quality and characteristics. That’s why we take all these steps to ensure industrial-grade quality for all your parts. Our team, processes, and partners are up to the challenge.